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12 Days of Winning: 50/50 Raffle ($50,000+), Great Gifts and More!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

'The Buffalo Sabres and Bills Donate Signed Merchandise and Other Awesome Prizes to Benefit FCHS

The Buffalo Sabres Foundation and the Fluvanna Community Historical Society (FCHS) are excited to announce the "'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle!" This special holiday, 50/50 raffle will start on December 5th, 2022 and run through December 29, 2022 December 23rd, 2022 at the start of the 3rd intermission of the Sabres vs. Detroit game Sabres vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game.

[UPDATE (12/22/22): Due to forecasted severe weather conditions from "Winter Storm Elliot," the NHL canceled the Sabres vs. Tampa Bay Lighting game scheduled for this week. As such, the Sabres extended the "'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle!" until December 29, 2022. This gives an extra week to buy more tickets, increase the jackpot even further and help support FCHS and other great charities across Western New York (WNY). For more info., see the FAQs below.]

Prizes: $50,000 Guaranteed Jackpot and More!

This special 'Give 716' Holiday Raffle will consist of a guaranteed 50/50 jackpot of at least $50,000, as well as eleven (11) other additional prizes for a total of twelve (12) winners. Due to the enthusiastic response from WNYers so far, organizers informed us the jackport will easily reached well over $50,000. The prizes are as follows:

  • Prize 1 = $50,000+ Guaranteed Jackpot for the Sabres vs. Lightning 50/50 Raffle

  • Prize 2 = Sabres Prize Pack - Baseball Cap & Sweatshirt

  • Prize 3 = Bills Prize Pack - Winter Hat & Sweatshirt

  • Prize 4 = Rasmus Dahlin Autographed "Reverse Retro" Jersey

  • Prize 5 = Stefon Diggs Autographed Mini Helmet

  • Prize 6 = Sabres Team Signed Stick

  • Prize 7 = "Salute to Service" Football Autographed by Coach Sean McDermott & A "Salute to Service" Mini Helmet

  • Prize 8 = Tage Thompson Autographed Home Jersey

  • Prize 9 = Josh Allen Autographed Cleat

  • Prize 10 = Four (4) 100 Level Tickets to Sabres vs. Red Wings on December 29th

  • Prize 11 = Alex Tuch Autographed "Goat Head" Jersey

  • Prize 12 = Von Miller Autographed Football

This could help with some really cool last-minute gifts all while supporting Fluvanna and great charities in the Western New York area.

How to Play

It’s simple, buy your tickets for a chance to win one or more of the prizes listed above by simply clicking here:

Every ticket has the chance to win multiple times and winners will be selected at the start of the 3rd period during the Sabres vs. Lightning game on December 23rd. All winning ticket numbers will be posted on the website at the conclusion of the raffle.

Got Questions? Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance, just leave us a message in the Comments section below. Otherwise, you can chat with us live (by clicking the "Let's Chat" button) email or give us a call at +1 (716) 804-7163.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our partners with 'Give 716' received a number of questions regarding the Holiday 50/50 Raffle! These include general questions about the fundraiser, the requirements to conduct raffles online. If you have any additional questions, you're welcome to contact the campaign administrators directly (see their contact info. below) or feel free to contact us (see our contact info. above).

General Questions

What is a 50/50 Raffle?

A 50/50 raffle is a lottery in which 50% of the funds raised goes to one lucky winner and the other 50% goes to charity.

What is the 'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle?

When does the raffle end?

Who is eligible to participate?

How can I find the winning ticket numbers?

About the Raffle

How much do tickets cost?

1 for $2

5 for $5

15 for $10

50 for $20

Is my credit card secure?

Do I need to be 18 years of age to purchase tickets?

Do I need to be located in New York State to buy a ticket?

Why do I need to create a user account in order to purchase raffle tickets?

I’m not able to create a user account, why is that?

Is my ticket purchase tax-deductible?

How will I receive my ticket numbers?

Do I need to be present to win?

What should I do if I believe I have a winning ticket?

What if I need help with the raffle?

How do I enable my location on my browser?

Other 50/50 FAQs from the Sabres:

About the Raffle Extension/Drawing Delay

The National Weather Service issued severe weather storm warnings the week of 12/18/2022 forecasting extreme freezing temperatures, blizzard conditions and lake effect snow events throughout WNY at the end of the week and throughout the Christmas holiday weekend. Out of an abundance of caution, the National Hockey League (NHL) canceled the Sabres vs. Tampa game on 12/23/2022. As such, the Buffalo Sabres Foundation also delayed the 'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle! and extended the raffle for an additional week. The drawing will now take place at the Sabres vs. Detroit game scheduled for 12/29/2022.

How does the cancelation of the Sabres vs. Tampa game effect the 'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle?

Not much really! The only significant change is that the end date of the Give 716 50/50 raffle is now Thursday, December 29th at 7pm during the Sabres vs. Detroit game. The raffle will now end at the start of the third period on 12/29 instead of 12/23.

What is the upside of the game's cancelation?

If we want to purchase more raffle tickets, do we need a new link to the FCHS 'Give 716' Holiday 50/50 Raffle! fundraising page?

Any other changes?

Still have questions or need help regarding the raffle?


The Fluvanna Community Historical Society is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, provisionally chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York, and dedicated to connecting our community with our past, with each other and with a brighter future.

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