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Connecting with our past, connecting with each other and connecting to a brighter future.


Fluvanna's historic Meeting House is the place where we gather, learn and remember what it means to be a community.

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Our Vision


For 200 years, Fluvanna's Meeting House has stood at the heart of our community. Now this historic building is threatened at the time we need this place most.


Today, we see our society torn apart by conflict.  Moreover, our community has endured years of economic malaise, job loss, a drug and opioid epidemic, lack of healthcare and, now, the COVID-19 pandemic.  People are more isolated, polarized and disillusioned.

But we have faced these problems before.  The people who first settled in Fluvanna encountered similar, if not the same or worse, issues we are experiencing today.  They came-up with a solution, however, that we believe our community needs to resolve the present crisis. 


The Meeting House played a critical role in helping our ancestors face the challenges of their day.  We need this space to tell their stories and learn what it means to be a community again.

The Challenge
Fluvanna's Hope


Located in the westernmost county of Western New York, Fluvanna was one of the first communities to develop along the shores of beautiful Chautauqua Lake.

The picture painted for us of this early settlement, is one of an unspoiled wilderness. A place where water lilies flourished on a pristine Lake, surrounded by ancient forests, charmingly simple and rustic.

As much as this may be true, it is only part of the picture.  America in the early 1800s was in crisis. Communities across the country tore themselves apart - sometimes literally.

Yet the first settlers in Fluvanna were idealists.  They saw the world around them, bitterly divided in so many ways, and dared to believe there was a better way. They cherished the thought of a community built on hope, respect, love and belonging.  

They built a Meeting House.

Our Need
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Our Community's Need:

Now, more than ever, the people of our community need to recapture our sense of place, pride and identity. A space where we can learn from the people who've come before us.  A place where we can meet, discuss the issues of the day, celebrate what unites us, appreciate our differences and demonstrate the worth and dignity we believe to be inherent in every person. 


Our Meeting House is that unique place that connects us with the people who lived here over the past 200 years, connects us with one another and connects us to a brighter future. 

Our Meeting House's Need:

Yet at this time when we need this place the most, Fluvanna's Meeting House needs us. Repairs are needed throughout the building. A total restoration will be needed to make the  Meeting House the center of a revitalized Fluvanna. 


But we can't do this without you.  By restoring our Old Meeting House, by helping us tell the story of this place and the people who lived here, by helping us re-create and revitalize the heart of Fluvanna, we believe you can give hope and new life to our community as a whole.

You can help in several ways.

To learn how you can help, scroll down or press the arrow button.

How You Can Help



Become an Historical Society

Become a FCHS member or volunteer to help us connect with our past, connect with one another and connect with a brighter future!

Step 1...


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Join our Virtual Meeting House

Join the Historical Society's website, our "Virtual Meeting House." It's FREE, plus you can view content exclusive for members, chat with others, make plans, attend online meetings, join one of our grassroots groups and more!



Give online or set-up reoccurring gifts. Donation made to the Historical Society are tax deductible and FCHS is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Spread the word

Spread the word on social media and let others know of upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and how to contribute

Contact & Directions


If you would like to make a donation by check or money order, donate a historical artifact, arrange to take a tour, need assistance with genealogy or historical research or would like any other info. feel free to contact us:

Tel. 716-804-7163

Fax. 716-664-5033


3502 Fluvanna Avenue Ext.

Fluvanna, NY  14701

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