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Thanks for "'Giving Big' CHQ" in 2022

On June 9th over two dozen donors showed their heart for Fluvanna and joined hundreds of others who gave to non-profit organizations throughout Chautauqua.

This June marked the fifth annual #GiveBigCHQ Giving Day where non-profit organizations from throughout the area join together to encourage neighbors, friends, loved ones and those who moved away to donate to their favorite charities, right here in Chautauqua County.

Last year, the Fluvanna Historical Society (FCHS) participated in GiveBig CHQ for the first time receiving over $1,508 from people who contributed over the course of the 24-hour event. This year, we exceeded that goal.

This Year's GiveBig CHQ

GiveBig CHQ took place this year on June 9th, 2022. Hosted by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, over 112 non-profit organizations throughout Chautauqua County participated in the event. To take part in GiveBig CHQ, each organization advertised and provided information to their constituents and the wider public encouraging them to donate to their favorite charities participating in Giving Day.

All donations received online at the GiveBig CHQ website during Giving Day not only directly benefited the donors' charities of choice, but also made these individual charities eligible for additional prizes and awards, including a portion of a $30,000 pool of cash (determined by the percent of donors who gave to a given charity), matching funds and prize money awarded depending on when certain donations were given. The results of these efforts paid off: a total of 2,360 individual donors donated to 112 different organizations participating in this year's event. In total, GiveBig CHQ raised $346,482.

"Giving Where Our Heart Is ..."

This year, FCHS took as inspiration for GivingDay, the enthusiasm and hard work of Paisley Smith and Oakley Etta Wilson. Just two weeks beforehand, they led the Society's fundraising efforts for National Doughnut Day, taking more orders than any others and earning for FCHS over $400.

""These girls love their neighbors and love being part of the bigger mission to make our community an even better and more beautiful place to live," said their mother, Lacey Wilson. Their efforts paid off (read more about this recent campaign and the big part these girls played in making it a success by clicking here: "Fluvanna's Modern 'Donut Dollies' Raise A Bunch of Dough"). Paisley and Oakley Etta epitomized FCHS's GivingDay theme, "Give Where Your Heart Is!"

GiveBig CHQ (2022) Contributions to FCHS

Members of our community stepped up to the challenge and gave big to the Historical Society on GivingDay this year. In just 24 hours, FCHS received over two dozen donations in addition to stretch pool money and matching funds from the Community Foundations. This, coupled with a generous matching grant from an anonymous donor (who will double all donations received to repair our historic Meeting House's roof) helped us raise even more than we did during last year's GiveBig CHQ. In all, for GivingDay this year, the Historical Society brought in a grand total of $2,072.75!

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Special thanks to the loyal members, friends and supporters who gave to FCHS on GiveBig CHQ's Giving Day this year. Their contributions showed that no matter where they live, their hearts remain in our community.


For those who missed GiveBig CHQ this year or would like to make an additional donation, we welcome contributions at any time. You can donate online, safe, fast and secure, by simply clicking here. Plus, any donation received from now until our the roof is replaced on our historic Meeting House will be matched!

Additionally, FCHS has been invited to participate in 'Give 716,' a two-day online giving event, similar to GiveBig CHQ, but sponsored by our favorite hometown teams: the Buffalo Bills and Sabres!! Stay tuned for more info.!!


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