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Fluvanna's Modern 'Donut Dollies' Raise A Bunch of Dough

How Two Girls, A Grumpy Grandpa and A Lot of Heart Helped Make Fluvanna Historical Society's "National Doughnut Day" Another Success

National Doughnut Day fell on Friday, June 3rd, this year and the Fluvanna Historical Society (FCHS) helped mark the annual commemoration by bringing Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to town.

Delivering Doughnuts with a Purpose

Spurred on by the sweet success of last December's fundraiser (which you can read more about here), the Historical Society decided to hold another event to "raise some dough" just a half year later, on the first Friday of June. This not only enabled FCHS to bring delectable, freshly made Krispy Kreme Doughnuts again to the residents of Chautauqua County and beyond (which otherwise requires a 45-minute or more trip to the closest store in #Erie) but also helped to defray the costs to replace the roof on Fluvanna's historic Meeting House. Just as important, the Historical Society sponsored this event to commemorate and, by so doing, educate the public about the history and significance of National Doughnut Day.

To learn learn about this unique date on our calendars and the history it commemorates read our article, "'Donut' Forget the Delicious History of National Doughnut Day").

FCHS "National Doughnut Day" Campaign

Ric Keefer distributing donuts and flyers on National Doughnut Day (outside Fluvanna's historic Meeting House), (6/3/2022)

Ric Keefer, Past President and Trustee of the Historical Society, once again served as the head of the Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Over a two week period, orders were placed online or taken by volunteers who forwarded the payments to Ric.

FCHS offered a variety of products: original glazed, chocolate dipped, angel crème, raspberry and lemon filled donuts. Coffee, digital and traditional gift cards were also available for purchase or shipping to friends and family throughout the country. For those watching their figures or otherwise unable to partake, people could simply make "'DOUGH'-nations."

The result of all this planning? FCHS exceeded the goal set and eighty-two percent of orders were placed by "new customers."

Fluvanna's Modern-Day "Doughnut Dollies" to the Rescue

The reason for so many "new customers," and in-person contributions, is largely due to the enthusiasm and tireless efforts of this campaign's two most successful fundraisers: Paisley Smith and Oakley Etta Wilson. These sisters went door-to-door throughout Fluvanna taking orders for FCHS's National Doughnut Day fundraiser. They even recruited three of their friends to help them pass out flyers for the Historical Society at the Memorial Day parade in #Bemus.

Two girls in matching red and white stripped tank tops pose for a picture in front of white and purple wildflowers and a tree line further in the background.  The slightly taller and older girls has long ground hair and is holding a large clip board at her side.  The slightly smaller and younger blonde hand girl, rests her head up against the other's should and hugs the other girl close to her.
Paisley Smith and Oakley Etta Wilson take a moment to pose for a picture while fundraising for FCHS, near Bonita in Fluvanna (5/30/2022)

Due to their efforts, and in only two days, Paisley and Oakley Etta raised over $400 for the Historical Society.

What drove their efforts? According to their mother, Lacey Wilson, Paisley and Oakley Etta's passion comes from their hearts:

"These girls love their neighbors and love being part of the bigger mission to make our community an even better and more beautiful place to live."

Paisley and Oakley Etta told us they want to see Fluvanna's historic Meeting House restored so they can hold violin concerts there or perhaps a dance recital (they are both learning how to play the violin and belong to the Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet). They are especially looking forward to playing in the community park planned next door and exploring the nature trails in the area. This is not the only reason why they volunteered to go door-to-door. Paisley and Oakley Etta simply like meeting new people and the more they see those they meet getting involved, the more enthusiastic they are recruiting others to be more engaged in the community.

Their efforts paid off: Oakley Etta took more orders and raised more money than any other volunteer for this campaign.

National Doughnut Day (2022) Results:

All in all, nearly 50 people placed over 50 orders or donations for the Historical Society's National Doughnut Day fundraiser. Just as important, nearly 200 people visited Fluvanna's "Virtual Meeting House (i.e., the FCHS website) to learn more about the history and purpose of National Doughnut Day.

Still Hungry to Give? #DOUGHnate

Did you miss National Doughnut Day but still want to contribute to the Historical Society? We'd love you to do so! Plus, every donation received will be doubled! Just click here to make a "DOUGH-nation today!

Next Up?

FCHS conducted two successful Krispy Kreme fundraisers in the past six months: the first one we conducted this past winter, a couple weeks before Christmas, and the second in the late spring to commemorate National Doughnut Day.

We want your opinion on when you think we should conduct doughnut fundraisers in the future. Please answer the following question. If you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear them (just click the chat button here at Virtual Meeting House or feel free to email us).

At what time of the year should the Fluvanna Historical Society hold our donut fundraiser each year?

  • Christmas (December)

  • National Doughnut Day (June)

  • Autumn (September or October)

  • Christmas & National Doughnut Day


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