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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Fundraiser - A Sweet Success! (December 2021)

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The Fluvanna Historical Society's (FCHS) first ever Krispy Kreme #Doughnuts #Fundraiser was a sweet success! On December 17, 2021, FCHS brought 732 fresh made Krispy Kreme #donuts and a whole lot of joy to people throughout our community. Read below for more info.:

The picture shows a smiling man wearing a Santa Claus hat posing with a smiling young boy wearing a roasted turkey hat.  The boy is standing in the open doorway of a mini-van and he's holding in front of a him a clear bag, narrow bag with four boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts therein.
Fluvanna's "Santa Claus" (Pastor Ric) and his little "Turkey Helper" (Atlas Wilson) Unloading Donuts

A Delicious Deal:

FCHS teamed-up with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to help save our #historic Meeting House. Krispy Kreme donated the profits from each order placed to the Historical Society. Every purchase made over the course of the three week #fundraiser got us one step closer to replacing the Meeting House #roof. Plus, the donuts came right on time for the #holidays for people to share with their family members, friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers. What a delicious deal!

Making Every Donut Count:

All in all, our first ever Krispy Kreme fundraiser was a #sweet success:

  • 732 donuts purchased

  • 61 dozen donuts in total

  • 10 new FCHS members or Virtual Meeting House subscribers

  • Over $500 earned

  • Plus $100 in additional donations

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Pastor Ric Keefer for leading the way with this fundraiser. His love for this community is about as passionate as his love for donuts (and that's pretty great)! He along with Dawn Keefer woke-up at 4:30 AM to pick-up the order in Erie so we could enjoy fresh made donuts first thing in the morning! We even snapped the picture above of Pastor Ric as Fluvanna's "Santa Claus" and his turkey of an assistant, Atlas, as they passed out the donuts to our sweet donors.

Also, special thanks to Dawn for serving as the fundraiser's photographer. How could we mistake her tell-tale out-of-focus photographic technique as anyone else's (you know we love you!!!). Here's a few of the pictures:

Still Hungry to Give? #DOUGHnate

Did you miss the #Krispy #Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser? Out-of-town? On a diet? Got celiac disease? (we feel ya!). Got some donuts, but you're "HUNGRY" to give more?? No worries! You can still "DOUGH"-nate and bring a lot of joy to a whole bunch of people!! Just click here make a "DOUGH-nation today!

Get Ready for Our Next Krispy Kreme Fundraiser (6/6/2022):

The first Monday in June marks National Doughnut Day and FCHS will celebrate by holding another Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser on that day (6/6/2022). National Doughnut Day has a neat history all to itself, which we'll blog about some more as the day approaches (this isn't just another Hallmark holiday). So mark your calendars today, get ready to buy some donuts and help save our historic Meeting House!!

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