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Decorated for the Holidays 🕯

Fluvanna's historic Meeting House gets decked out right on time for Christmas.

A picture of a quaint, simple and unadorned Meeting House focused on a large steeple with a wreath in the middle of the overhang and garland drapped on the porch rails in front.  The steeple roof and greenery are lightly covered with snow.

What a difference a few decorations make during the holiday season. For the first time in years, volunteers decorated Fluvanna’s historic Meeting House right on time for Christmas.

Although the interior of the building remains closed to visitors due to the #COVID-19 pandemic and the need to replace the roof this coming Spring, the Historical Society still wanted to bring some festive cheer to the community.

Hanging the Greens

Laurie Tanner, a resident of Fluvanna and Board member of the Historical Society, came up with the idea and made sure the exterior of the building was hung with #greenery for the #holidays. “The old Meeting House is such a beautiful building, it doesn’t take much to make the place look festive.” Laurie told the Board. The quaint, unadorned architectural style of Fluvanna’s old Meeting House (known as vernacular Gothic Revival or Carpenter Gothic), makes an ideal canvass on which a minimum of decorations can be added but with maximum effect. “What a difference it makes,” Laurie said, “to simply hang a wreath and a couple garlands.” Plus, Laurie added battery operated candles in each of the Meeting House’s windows.

A photograph of a candle in a window and outside stylized railings along side steps going up to the entrance of the building, a snow covered lawn and a sign for the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Planning for Christmas 2022

Next year, Laurie and the Historical Society Board plan on making the decorations even better: “We’d like to hang a large wreath, a include a spotlight and put up a large, outdoor Christmas


Thanks to the Laurie and Andrew Tanner family for donating their time and the decorations for the holidays this year!!!

Let us know if you have any decorations to donate or your ideas how we can decorate the Meeting House for next year.

A photograph of Fluvanna's historic Meeting House, showing the wreath on the overhang of the front entrance and lights on the two smaller windows on the front of the building.  In the foreground, at an angel, is the sign with the logo on it for the Fluvanna Community Historical Society.

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