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FREE Commemorative Bills and Sabres Themed T-Shirts for FCHS Donors through 'Give 716' (2022)

Bills and Sabres Memorabilia and FREE T-SHIRTS to be Given to Supporters of the Fluvanna Community Historical Society:

7/14 @ 7:16 PM to 7/16 @ 7:16 AM


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"Teaming-up" for 'Give 716'

The Fluvanna Community Historical Society (FCHS) is "teaming-up" with the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres to help make our community an even better place! In recognition of the important work and vision of FCHS and other nonprofit organizations throughout Western New York (WNY), the Bills and Sabres are sponsoring 'Give 716.' These favorite, professional football and hockey teams will not only give directly to Fluvanna and other communities in our region, but they want all people in our community to donate and support FCHS and other nonprofits right here in our hometown.

To learn more about 'Give 716' click here.

FREE T-Shirts for FCHS Supporters

The success and on-going benefits of 'Give 716' depends upon the active support and engagement of people throughout the community. Recognizing this, the Bills and Sabers recently announced a variety of prizes and memorabilia that will be offered to nonprofits organizations as well as donors who take part in 'Give 716' between Thursday, 7/14/2022 and Saturday, 7/16/2022. This includes FREE commemorative t-shirts (pictured above) featuring the Bills, Sabres and 'Give 716' logos/colors.

How to SCORE a FREE T-Shirt

Starting at 7:16 PM on Thursday, 7/14/2022, the Bills and Sabres will give away commemorative t-shirts to the first 3,000 donors. Donations made after 7:16 PM and until 7:16 AM on 7/16/2022, totaling $71.60 or more, will qualify the donor to receive a FREE t-shirt while supplies last. To make the donation, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set a reminder to make a donation on Thursday, 7/14 @ 7:16 PM or shortly thereafter;

  2. Login to the FCHS 'Give 716' website by clicking here;

  3. Click the "Donate" button on the FCHS 'Give 716' fundraising page and follow the instructions.


Because there are a limited number of FREE commemorative t-shirts available to the public, donors should plan on making their contributions online as early as possible to increase the odds of obtaining one of the t-shirts.

Sign-up for a Reminder

If you would like us to send you a reminder to submit your donation via email or text message on or before 7:16 PM, Thursday, 7/14, just click on the following button, complete and submit your contact information:

Other Prizes

There are other prizes available to donors who give to FCHS as part of the 'Give 716' campaign (click the links below to learn more):

Other Ways to Contribute

There are other ways donors may contribute during the 'Give 716' event:

  • Matching Gifts: the Bills, Sabres or other co-sponsors will match donations received at specific times on 7/14 and 7/15 (for a full schedule of times for matching grants, download the "Give716 - Schedule" by clicking the file icon below);

Give716 - Schedule
Download • 1.10MB
  • Grant Opportunities: every hour of 'Give 716,' the organizers will draw the name of three organizations who received at least one donation during that hour. The three nonprofits whose names are pulled will receive $500 each;

For more information about 'Give 716' and how you can specifically help, click here.

Got Questions? Comments?

Thank you for considering how you can join FCHS, the Bills, Sabres and other co-sponsors as one team striving to make our community a better place.

If you have any questions, comments or need assistance, just leave us a message in the Comments section below. Otherwise, you can chat with us live (click the "Let's Chat" button), email or give us a call at +1 (716) 804-7163.

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