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Welcome to the FluvannaHistory Blog

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

We're making history! This post kicks off the first ever blog dedicated to the history, people, culture and everything else Fluvanna. This is where you can also learn more about Upstate New York, Chautauqua Lake and environs, the work of the Historical Society (FCHS), our mission and our vision for our community. Read below for more information, learn about the history of "blogs" and get a glimpse of what you can look forward to in the next posts of the FluvannaHistory Blog.

The name and logo of the Fluvanna Community Historical Society, including a stylized image of Fluvanna's historic Meeting House, three gravestones to the side and a rising on the other of the image.

What is a Blog?

For those of us who may be unfamiliar with the genre, "blogs" began in the mid-1990s as the internet became more available to the public. Certain internet users started creating personal websites to use as journals or diaries. These sites became known as "weblogs," and soon thereafter users truncated the word to simply "blogs." By the mid-2000s, video based blogs, or "vlogs," grew out of the older, written version of online diaries or journals. YouTube (now the internet's third most visited site) brought vlogging to the masses and with the emergence of "microblogging," using using such platforms as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, many commentators predicted the demise of the "traditional" blog. Yet, far from marking the end of the online journal or diary, traditional blogs continue to proliferate. By the end of 2019, researchers estimated there were well over 500 million blogs on the internet.

Although many blogs still function as diaries for individuals to share their day-to-day experiences or thoughts with others, many blogs focus on a particular area of interest (like travel, sports, fashion, design, professional or academic subjects, etc.), they may have multiple contributors or serve as journals for businesses, government entities and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Some blogs may have multiple authors and may be overseen by an editor or editorial board.

Despite the myriad topics and areas of interest, what unites most blogs is their formatting. Blog posts are usually listed on one webpage, with posts appearing in reverse chronological order (so the most recent updates will be listed at the top of the blog's page).

The FluvannaHistory Blog

The focus of the Fluvanna Community Historical Society's blog is on the history, people, culture and many other things connected with our community. This includes other topics and areas of interest including,

  • Chautauqua Lake and surrounding environs, Lake Erie, Western New York (WNY) and Upstate New York generally

  • history of nearby communities,

  • social, religious and theological movements that influenced the development of Fluvanna,

  • biography of past and present members of our community,

  • history of architecture in our area and most especially the historic architecture and restoration of our Meeting House,

  • the history of Fluvanna's Meeting House and the important function meeting houses performed in early and modern America,

  • the history and restoration of Fluvanna's community park and the important role of town commons/town greens/town parks in early and modern America,

  • the history and place that various institutions in Fluvanna have and currently play, including local businesses, the Boy Scouts, Church, Fire Department, Library, School and veterans groups,

  • public discourse and community development, how these have changed over the course of two hundred years and how we're working to increase civic engagement and dialogue,

  • Historical Society news, updates and upcoming events!

Stay tuned to this blog, FCHS's social media accounts and Virtual Meeting House and our app. for news when we post a new update. In our next posts we'll provide the final results from our Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser, talk about recent improvements at and progress made toward replacing the roof on our historic Meeting House.

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