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2023 Constitutional Revisions Plus Other Special & Annual Meeting Documents

Updated: Jan 14

FCHS Members May View Online the Annual and Special Meetings Notices, Proposed Revisions to the Society's Constitution, Bylaws, Special Rules of Order and Other Documents for Consideration.


In order to conduct an Annual Meeting, most organizations generate a series of documents to help facilitate to ensure members have the necessary knowledge to better discuss and make more informed decisions. Below you will find a series of texts or documents for the Fluvanna Historical Society's ("FCHS," "Historical Society" or just "Society") Annual Meeting this year. We also included guidelines to help people register for the event and participate online.

If you have any questions or need the documents emailed or sent to you or another member, feel free to contact us and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Only members of the Historical Society may access this information on our website. If you or someone else is a member, but did not pay their dues through the website, please contact the FCHS Vice President, Candie Muzza, via email at or call us at +1 (716) 804-7163 and we will grant you access to this page.

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