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The Fluvanna Historical Society's 2022 Candy & Chocolate Sale!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

February's the month for #candy, #chocolate and a lot of #love. Thanks to our friends at the Basket Company Inc., this year you can satisfy both your sweet tooth and help us save our historic Meeting House. We're feeling the love already! ❤️ Scroll below to place your order and learn how you can help some more.


This month, we're offering two products for sale. Right on time for Valentine's and available to order throughout the month of February.

A package of cinnamon jelly hearts from the Basket Company, with a custom Fluvanna Community Historical Society label, QR code and the slogan:  "My heart is in Fluvanna."
Cinnamon Jelly Hearts

What could be better for Valentine's Day, and the rest of the month, than Cinnamon Jelly Hearts?

Soft and chewy, sweet and spicy, these Cinnamon Jelly Hearts are sure to bring love and a lot of warmth.

Give them as a gift, display them on your countertop at home or at work, use them to decorate cupcakes, arrange on a cake, or top off a bowl of ice cream or yogurt with these special treats.

Cost: $4.00

Just click the "Buy Now" button below.

Chocolate Cherries

We know how much you all love chocolate and we have just the treat for you ... the essence of cherries, covered with delicious milk chocolate. Yum!

Give these classic Chocolate Cherries to your Valentine, friends, family, neighbors and let them know that someone in Fluvanna loves them.

Don't forget to buy a few bags for yourself too (and pick up some Cinnamon Jelly Hearts while at your at it)!

Cost: $4.00

Just click the "Buy Now" button below.

How to Order:
  • Click the "Buy Now" button below and place your order. It's that simple.

Pick-up & Shipping:
  • FREE PICK-UP: Place your order by Thursday, each week of February) and we'll have your order ready for you to pick-up every Sunday in February from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM at Fluvanna Church (3363 Fluvanna Ave. Ext., Fluvanna, NY 14701)

  • SHIPPING: Out of town, got a hankering for some treats and you want to support the Fluvanna Historical Society? We got you covered. Place your order online and chose to have your treats shipped right to your home. We can ship six bags of candy and chocolates for one flat shipping rate. So make sure to stock-up!

How Long Will the Fundraiser Last:
  • The fundraiser runs from Saturday, 2/5 to Sunday, 2/27.

  • Want to have your treats by Valentine's Day. Keep these dates in mind:

    • Pick-up: Order by Thursday, 2/10; Pick-up = Sunday, 2/13.

    • Shipping: Order by Tuesday, 2/8; Delivery = 1-3 business days.

How Else You Can Help:
  • We're looking for some fundraisers. Here's how you can help:

  • Download the Order Form (just click this link or click the file below).

  • Start collecting orders/money from your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

  • Email, or give us a call at (716) 804-7161, when you're ready to place the orders and we'll make all the arrangements.

FCHS - Candy Sale - 2022-02 - Fundraiser Packet
Download PDF • 4.40MB

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