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Give a gift to the Historical Society for a specific occasion (like a wedding, birthday or anniversary) or in memory or honor of someone special and allow the whole community to share in the experience.  For a small donation, the sound of Fluvanna's bells will resonate throughout the neighborhood in honor of the special event or someone in your life.  


We can ring the bells ..

  • One-time:  for a small donation we will ring the bells or play a song, one-time, on a specific occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary;
  • Annually (10-Year):  for only $10 a year, we'll ring the bells or play a special song annually in memory or honor of a special person or event in your life.  We'll continue repeat the commemoration for 10 years.
  • Annually (Continual):  for those who want to ensure the bells ring or play a song every year, for generations to come, a gift of $500 will keep Fluvanna's bells and your memories alive as the entire community can take part in your commemoration.


Options are also available to have bagpipes, bugles or taps played instead of the bells or carillon.  Make your donation here today. 


So we can make all the necessary arrangements for the special occasion or commemoration, click here.  You can provide us the name of the hymn, bell or song  either before or after making the donation. We'll contact you if we need additional information.


For a list of the hundreds of hymns, songs, tunes and special bells we can ring for your special occasion or a commemoration, click here.

Bell Memorials & Commemorations


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