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We Appreciate


Individual & Family Donors

The work of the Fluvanna Historical Society is made possible by the generous contributions of individuals and families here in our community and around the world. This page lists the names of all those who donated to the Historical Society so far this year (since June 2021).


A badge next to a person or family's name indicates the donor served as a 'Fundraising Champion' or gave a substantial amount to be considered a Sponsor.

Mr. Walid Al-Jabiri


The Hon. George M. Borrello

Ms. Mary A. Carlson

Mr. Joseph Carter

Ms. Karen Galarneau

The Hon. Andrew Goodell

Ms. Tammie Hein

Mrs. Dawn Keefer

The Rev. Ric Keefer

The Rev. Dayle & Judy Keefer

Mr. R. R. Keefer

Mr. and Mrs. Craig & Cindy McNallie

Craig and Cindy McNallie Family

Mr. and Mrs. Felix & Candie Muzza

Ms. Jennifer Mason

Mrs. Doloris Muzzy


Chief William Ohnmeiss Jr.

Ms. Beth Olson

Ms. Cindy Rodgers

Ms. Shawn Petite

The Rev. Phil & Sherry Shay

Mr. Andrew Tanner

Mrs. Laurie Tanner

Mr. Nick Torregrossa

The Hon. Paul M. Wendel, Jr.

Ms. Janet Wahlberg

Master Atlas Wilson

Miss Oakley Etta Wilson

Miss Paisley Wilson

Mr. & Ms. J. and J. Wojciechowicz

Mr. Shawn Wright

In Memorium/In Honorum:

Theresa Bonnett

Ruth Almeda Hazen

List of Individual & Family Donors

Your Name Can Be Listed Here Too

Give today and we'll list you as one of our donors this year. Sign-up as a 'Fundraising Champion' by clicking here.

To contribute in memory or honor of someone contacts us.

To become a Sponsor, contact us to make arrangements for a special contribution.

All donations given to FCHS by clicking above are processed securely via an external site and are tax deductible. FCHS is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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