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Hymn, Song & Tune Selections

View the list of hymns, songs or tunes currently available for annual commemorations or to play for a special occasion.

Hymn, Song & Tune Selections

A set of specially tuned bells used as an instrument to play hymns or songs is known as a "carillon." Although some contain more, a carillon must include at least 23 bells. The hammer for each bell is connected to a rope, which in turn is connected to a keyboard. This enables one person to easily play a whole assortment of tunes.

There are hundreds of hymns and songs currently available to be played on Fluvanna's bells to mark a special occasion or to honor someone (see below). If a song is not available, contact us and we can make arrangements to have a song specially recorded.

To view a list of hymns, songs or tunes available available to play on the bells ("Options Available"), submit your donation online ("Donate Now") or to make specific arrangements for the commemoration or special event you're planning ("Sign-up") click the following buttons:

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