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Bagpipe, Bugle or Tap Selections

View a list of tunes that may be played on bagpipes, bugle or taps as part of a commemoration.

Bagpipe, Bugle or Tap Selections

Bagpipes and bugles add a unique sound in a variety of circumstances perfect for a special someone or occasion.

Most people find the sound of the bugle, especially when playing taps, most fitting to honor or commemorate those people who served in the armed forces, law enforcement or some other type of first responder. Bugles also have a special place when highlighting events or honoring people associated with the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or similar types of organizations. Likewise, bagpipes are often played to honor people in these sorts of organizations in addition for many other occasions just because people enjoy the unique sound of the pipes.

To view a list of songs or taps currently available ("Options Available"), submit your donation online ("Donate Now") or to make specific arrangements for the commemoration or special event you're planning ("Sign-up") click the following buttons:

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