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Basement Demo Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Fluvanna’s Historic Meeting House is undergoing a transformation, and we need your help. Whether you’re a demolition enthusiast or a meticulous cleaner, your contribution matters. Sign up today by filling out the form below and be part of preserving our community’s heritage!

FCHS Basement Demolition Volunteer Sign-Up Form

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Choose which day(s) and time(s) you would like and are generally able to help (pick all that apply):

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Task Descriptions
Image by Thayran Melo

Current Demolition & Renovation Jobs

Remove Drywall

Channel Your Inner Hulk: Removing drywall is like popping bubble wrap, but on a bigger scale. Hulk smash (gently)! 🛠️💥

Whether it’s a gentle nudge or a full-on Hulk-style decision, we’ve got your back. And remember, every ‘Hulk smash’ brings us one step closer to a beautifully blank canvas! 🎨🔨💪

Remove Tables/Chairs

Furniture Liberation Squad: Ready to play musical chairs—basement edition? Grab a partner, shimmy those tables, and cha-cha the chairs out of there! 🪑💃

If you find any hidden treasures (or just a really dusty chair leg), consider it a victory spin! 😊🎶🏛️

Remove Ceiling (Stairwell)

Stairway Ceiling Tango: Picture this: You, a ceiling, and a dance in the stairwell. Light footwork, a dash of dexterity, and voilà—the ceiling waltzes away! 🕺💃


If you need more guidance or want to perfect your ceiling cha-cha, just ask! 😊🔨

Disinfect Basement

Sanitize & High-Five: Grab your sprayer, don your superhero gloves, and unleash the anti-mold magic! Disinfecting studs and surfaces—because even walls deserve a spa day. 🧼✨

If you need more tips on sprayer acrobatics, just holler! 😊🛁🏛️

Remove Ceiling

Unleash Your Inner Ceiling Ninja: Say goodbye to drop ceilings and plaster like a pro! It’s like solving a historical puzzle—one ceiling tile at a time. 🕵️‍♂️🔨

And remember, with each tile you remove, you’re rewriting the basement’s story—one crumbly piece of history at a time!” 📜🔨🌟

Remove Bathroom Insulation

Cozy Blanket Farewell: Imagine you’re gently tucking in a giant, fluffy blanket—except this one’s made of insulation! Say goodbye to the old bathroom insulation as we prepare for a fresh start. 🛁🪶

Feel free to unravel those insulation mysteries as you go! If you need more detective tips or want to share your finding😊🏛️

Demo Basement Kitchen

Kitchen Liberation Crew: Ready to turn kitchen chaos into demolition disco? Grab your imaginary chef’s hat, and let’s spice up the basement by removing those cabinets, countertops, and culinary memories! 🍽️🎶

If you find any hidden recipe cards (or just a really stubborn spice rack), consider it a flavor-packed victory! 😊🔨🏛️

Painting Bathroom Walls

Color Splash Party: Grab your brushes, channel your inner artist, and let’s turn those bathroom walls into masterpieces! It’s like finger painting, but with purpose. 🎨🛁

If you accidentally create a secret mural, consider it an artistic victory! 😊🌟🏛️

Remove Drywall (Stairwell)

Stairwell Drywall Dance: Imagine a mix of limbo and Tetris—your mission: remove drywall in tight stairwells. Flex those dexterity muscles and groove your way to renovation glory! 🕺🔨


​If you need more guidance or want to perfect your drywall boogie, just ask!

Scrap Kitchen Appliances

Appliance Farewell Party: Grab your tool belt and bid adieu to those old kitchen appliances! Think of it as an ‘unplugged’ concert—microwaves, blenders, and toasters all taking their final bow. 🎤🔨

If you find any hidden recipe cards (or just a really stubborn blender), consider it a culinary victory! 😊🍳🏛️

Garbage Removal

Garbage Expedition Champions: Grab those bags, tie your superhero capes (or apron strings), and let’s escort the trash to its final frontier—the distant dumpster! Bonus points if you hum a triumphant tune along the way. 🗑️🚀

If you spot any intergalactic debris (or just an old coffee cup), consider it a cosmic victory! 😊🌌🏛️

Other Jobs

Duct Tape Divas and Dudes: Grab that trusty roll of duct tape—it’s time to patch up the past! Whether it’s sealing cracks or silencing squeaky floorboards, your duct-tape wizardry will make this basement sing. 🎶🔧

If you accidentally create a duct-tape masterpiece (or just fix that leaky pipe), consider it a standing ovation! 😊🌟🏛️

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