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We can't save our Meeting House and revitalize the community without you.  Please use the posters, graphics and messages on this page to help spread the news. Your story is part of our history too, so feel free to personalize the messages, add your own words and post your own graphics.


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We're working to save Fluvanna's Meeting House.  This place has been at the heart of our community for 200 years. Now, we're making sure the Meeting House remains as the community's center for generations to come. Join me in restoring this historic place, revitalizing our community and building a better future.  To learn more, click here.



We're excited to partner with KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS to help save Fluvanna's historic Meeting House. Krispy Kreme is "dough-nating" their donuts, gift certificates and BOGO cards at cost, the Historical Society will use the proceeds to restore the Old Meeting House and our supporters can enjoy warm, freshly made donuts.  It's a "sweet" deal!  We'll even deliver the donuts and have them ready for pick-up.  Here are the basics: 

Krispy Creme "Doughnut Day"!!:

Date:  Friday, 12/17/2021 (pre-order by 12/10/2021)

Time:  7:45 AM

Place:  Old Meeting House

  3502 Fluvanna Avenue Extension.

  Fluvanna, NY  14701

Can you help us FUNdraise?  Sure can.  Here's how:

1. Purchase a couple dozen donuts on our website at​​

  • Treat your family to donuts and coffee for breakfast!

  • Surprise your co-workers, employees and customers with a delicious treat!!

  • Bring a couple dozen donuts to Christmas parties (you can even decorate them beforehand)!!!

  • Take a couple dozen to St. Susan's or some other soup kitchen, shelter or organization helping the needy!!!!

  • Eat them yourself!!!!!

2. Share the news on ...

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Email

  • Twitter

  • Posters/Flyers

3.  Buy digital gift cards or BOGO cards to ...

  • use for stocking stuffers,

  • send to family, friends and loved ones who live out-of-town,

  • give as a gift to service workers (mail, newspaper and delivery personnel, contractors etc.),

  • purchase last minute gift for the person you forgot,

  • treat yourself wherever and whenever you would like!

4.  Fundraise:

  • Print the attached Order Forms,

  • Dress up as a donut (this step is "optional"),

  • Ask your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or anyone you meet to place an order,

  • Tell them about all the awesome things we're doing,

  • Take the order, fill out the Order Form for each person/order taken and collect the money,

  • Submit the order by 12/10 on our website or mail checks, money orders, etc. us here.

  • Pick-up the donuts on Friday, 12/17!

For anyone who cannot, or prefers not, to donate online, have checks, money orders, etc. mailed to us here. Any questions or information needed, please call the Historical Society at +1 (716) 804-7163.

Let's raise some dough!

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Text or Tweet 1:  

We're partnering with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to raise some "dough" for the Fluvanna Historical Society.  Buy some donuts, gift certificates or BOGO cards and you'll help save our historic Meeting House.  Purchase by 12/10 and pick-up your freshly made donuts on Friday, 12/17.  To order and learn more click here: #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #KrispyKreme #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny #Christmas #holidays

Text or Tweet 2:  

200 years ago, a small group of visionaries created a place where every person was heard and treated w/dignity. On 6/19 at 10 AM, we'll start re-creating that place again. Find out more: #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny

Text or Tweet 3:  

On Sat. 6/19 @ 10 AM, we're taking part in a Community Photo based on an old picture taken 100+ years ago. We're reconnecting w/our past, each other and a brighter future. Find out more: #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny 


"I am determined to break down the middle walls that partitions us; giving a chance alike to the Christian, the Methodist, Baptist, Universalist and the worldly man to have a seat in the house of worship."

- Samuel Whittemore, 1834

GiveBig CHQ 2021


Get ready to give! On June 9, visit the Fluvanna Historical Society's (FCHS) Give Big CHQ Fundraising page (click here) and make a donation to us and/or to any of the great participating nonprofit organizations in Chautauqua County. All giving for this fundraiser will end at 11:59 PM on June 9, so make sure to get your gift in on time!  To read more about FCHS and our Give Big CHQ campaign, click here.  

Make our donation on Thursday, 6/9 and you could TRIPLE your contribution:  


  • Every dollar donated to the historical society on Thursday, 6/9 through our Give Big CHQ Fundraising page will be matched (up to $2,000)!!!

  • All donations received on 6/9 between 7:16 AM and 7:16 PM qualify FCHS to receive additionally money from the Community Foundation (dependent on the total dollars and and total donors who contribute to FCHS on between 7:16 AM and 7:16 PM on our Give Big CHQ Fundraising page), PLUS

  • The Community Foundation will sponsor a $5,000 match pool. All online donations given to FCHS through our Give Big CHQ Fundraising page anywhere between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM on Thursday, 6/9 will be matched up to $25 or until the match pool is exhausted.

This is only for this fundraiser and the opportunity to TRIPLE your donation, so get ready to GiveBig!!

(all donations received are tax deductible)

Text or Tweet 1:  

Mark your calendars for June 9. It will be a day for everyone to support our campaign at the GiveBig CHQ fundraising page. Learn more at: #GiveBigCHQ #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny

Text or Tweet 2:  

On June 9, you will have the chance to give where your heart is! To support our campaign, visit our GiveBig CHQ fundraising page. #GiveBigCHQ #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny

Text or Tweet 3:  

Let’s show everyone that Chautauqua County is full of generosity! On 6/9, help us celebrate GiveBig CHQ and save our Meeting House.  Every $ raised will be matched and even TRIPLE!!!  Find out more: #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny

Text or Tweet 4:  

Help the Fluvanna Comm. Historical Society reach the goal of raising $2,000 today on GiveBig CHQ (every $ of which be matched or even TRIPLED) #FCHS #Fluvanna #MeetingHouse #CHQ #716 #UpstateNY #iloveny

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